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Hello from Fabio and Ryan, the fabric that makes up The Fabryk. We are an 🇮🇹 and an 🇮🇹-🇺🇸/🇬🇧 mix, respectively, residing in 🇩🇪, but more often finding ourselves in random places around the 🌍.

After we met, we quickly shared the same sentiment that our day jobs are killing us quickly. We decided we needed a project to put us out of our misery and save us.

It began with a cooking show in only our underwear 🍳🩲, but as we barely had a working stove, we didn’t get very far with that.

However, as we both love travel, we decided to take The Fabryk in that direction.

And here we are today with the current mission of showing gay men lesser-known destinations besides the ones where the circuit party is, because the more corners we can collectively cover on this Earth, the more we can educate others about our community.

While The Fabryk mostly covers gay travel, we definitely throw in a little lifestyle, entrepreneurship, culture, personal development, failures, and stories.

Enjoy, sexy readers ❤️.

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ryan and fabio in dead sea