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The Best Streaming Service You've Probably Never Heard of - MUBI

The Best Streaming Service You've Probably Never Heard of - MUBI

Once upon a time, it was a typical night where I had some hours to kill and suddenly became lost in the never ending depths of shallow Netflix. Within minutes I was both discouraged by not finding anything inspiring and angry for wasting thirty minutes of my life. Revolting against Netflix’s failed algorithm, I slammed the computer and went to go get a drink in the kitchen. It was there I ran into my housemate, Hannah, and in a privileged rage, told her about my all-to-common experience on Netflix. Rather than the expected “ohh I know, I hate that” and moving on with our evenings, she actually offered up a solution by the name of MUBI.

Hello there you new sexy friend, MUBI

With Hannah’s login details in hand, I opened my computer and with a newfound determination closed Netflix and brought up MUBI.

Immediately, I was greeted by the movie of the day and 29 other movies of the day from the last month. The films ranged from feature films to documentaries to short films, with time periods ranging from early 1900s to today, and geography with no limits (including films made in the Soviet Union, West Germany, and other places that no longer exist). After each day, the last film in that queue disappears and a new movie of the day replaces it.

mubi screenshot Your 30 movies of the month

My eyes glazed over in delight as I went through my much more limited but thrilling options. Within minutes, I had selected an artsy, independent film from Taiwan and my bad Netflix experience had become a thing of the past!

Why MUBI has become my only subscription service

Since that day I have ceased all support to Netflix or Amazon Prime. MUBI has become my go-to for watching at least a film or two a week. This is why:

  • A range of films I would never in my life have exposure to - What are the chances of me encountering an Italian language film (with English subtitles) from the 1960s on Netflix? I am always excited and inspired by the selection.
  • Limited options - okay, so if you scroll down you do have way more options than just the 30 films of the month, but it’s still far less than what Netflix gives you, making choice paralysis much less of a thing
  • No algorithm (that I am aware of) - MUBI's aim seems to be to expose you to films that you wouldn't normally try or encounter, so aside from differences based on the country you are logging in from, there seems to be no algorithm trying to match your tastes and failing miserably. It's back to the basics, and done so well at that!
  • Educational - a lot of the films have depth to them, which cannot be said about Netflix films. I feel like I always have discussion points after I’m through with a film (even if I don't love it).
  • MUBI go - A new discovery is that apparently with subscriptions in the US or Germany you get one free film ticket a week at participating theaters. I haven’t tried this yet, but will give it a go in Berlin when I’m back!

mubi screenshot Incredible options when you scroll down, but I've never really felt overwhelmed!

So if Netflix is getting you down, and you find yourself wasting precious hours of your life looking and looking for something inspiring only to be left empty handed, give MUBI a try!