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How to Do Mykonos on a Budget

How to Do Mykonos on a Budget

Welcome to Mykonos…the Greek island of excess where you may walk into a beach club happy and walk out having paid 800 euro for a few mojitos and some crab legs.

But if you really need to go to Mykonos instead of one of the 5,999 other cheaper islands, here are some tips to do it on a poor ass budget.


Don’t go in July or August

I don’t even get why people would come here during these months. It’s like bazillion degrees and the amount of pretentious people is amplified. Come during the shoulder seasons of May or September and stuff will just be cheaper.

This is us walking around in May, and we still got a sexy sunburn.

A man in black and yellow shorts walks his dog along a beautiful beach with clear blue waters and rugged hills in the background, highlighting an affordable and enjoyable activity in Mykonos on a budget.

Book stuff well in advance

Don’t be like us and buy a plane ticket or ferry ticket like 3 seconds before it leaves. Plan your trip in advance, and you’ll save some euros. This goes for accommodations as well.

Book ferries to Mykonos with Omio 🚝 or plane tickets with Skyscanner 🛫.

Get an apartment or Airbnb

You can go ahead and spend 3 months salary on the 3 nights of pricey hotels or just get an apartment or Airbnb. The plus side is you can cook.

Eat like a local

Of course, coming to Greece is about experiencing the Greek food, so when you want to go out, go to local tavernas a bit more inland in places like Ano Mera.

Also, make sure to actually look at the menu before rocking up to the restaurant and being shocked when you receive an 800 euro bill.

A quaint outdoor taverna with wooden tables and chairs under lush trees, illustrating a charming and budget-friendly dining option in Mykonos on a budget.

Taverna life is the way to go!

You don’t need to rent a yacht to get around

Not everyone can be a hotshot with a yacht and if you’re reading this, it’s probably not going to be you, so go ahead and try to use public transport, book an ATV or scooter or if you must rent a car use sites like Rentalcars.com first to get the deals.

Or just get up and walk a bit, the island is not that big.

There are ways to drink on the cheap

Holy balls. Spending 27 euro on a cocktail that is just going to disorient me is just depressing. If you go to the beach clubs like Jackie o’s getting wasted is a bank robbing affair.

Either get perfect at sneaking your own alcohol in or just get the 2 euro beers at a mini market and drink on a beach near you.

Two hands holding different types of Greek beer cans, Mythos and another Greek brand, showcasing an affordable way to enjoy local beverages on Mykonos on a budget.

12 euros for the beer on the left and 4 euros for both from the mini market on the right

Don’t freaking get a beach chair

Right, I’m going to spend 40 euros just to sit on a slightly elevated chair when there is a patch of free sand right next to it where I can spend zero.

Engage in free activities

Mykonos is full of free stuff. If you like animals, there are cats everywhere and even the occasional donkey. You have free hiking and free beaches (again if you don't get a beach chair).

A person walks toward a scenic lighthouse on a rocky hill with the sea in the background, a perfect example of free and picturesque activities in Mykonos on a budget.
A man in a black 'POP' tank top pets a donkey over a stone wall while holding a dog on a leash, set against the rustic countryside of Mykonos on a budget.

Our new donkey pal

Skip Mykonos all-together

If you aren't tied to Mykonos, there are many other islands in the Aegean that are going to satisfy all the Greek island urges without putting nearly the same sized dent in your wallet. We followed up our Mykonos trip with one to Paros, and the authenticity and beauty of the island proved superior; and it was much cheaper. Read all about our trip to Paros, here, or head up to the even cheaper North of Greece like Thessaloniki.

A view of the traditional village of Lefkes in Paros, Greece, featuring white houses with blue shutters nestled on a hillside. Visiting this quaint village is a highlight of what to do in Paros.

Lefkes Village in Paros

Mykonos is one of those places that doesn’t justify the costs associated with it, but if you need to get there once in your life and aren’t Lindsay Lohan rich there are ways to trim costs!