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The 5 Best Restaurants in Berlin


Since I started living in Berlin I have been gradually discovering the various districts of the city and the best places to eat.

It goes without saying that such a large and populated city offers practically all the cuisines in the world. Among the most popular kitchens here are certainly the Turkish, the Vietnamese and the Sudanese that is flourishing more recently. As criteria for this selection, I chose the places where you can eat well with an accessible budget (that is the type of restaurants I prefer, anyway).

Let's start with a restaurant belonging to one of the recently listed kitchens.

Anh Ba Restaurant, Neukölln

Anh Ba Restaurant (Neukölln, Weserstr 6) is a Vietnamese restaurant that is definitely worth a visit, especially when looking for something healthy and tasty.

After trying the Pho soup once (the rind one -- with beef) I couldn't resist and had to go back to taste it twice in the same week. They also have a large variety of spicy and fruity non-alcoholic cocktails.

You can find this Vietnamese in Neukölln. At the gates of Kreuzberg, this is a vibrant and multi-culti district.

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Cargo, Friedrichshain

In Friedrichschain, the coolest neighborhood (where there is Berghain, so to speak) which is part of East Berlin, I recommend Cargo (Friedrichschain, Samariterstraße 37). It is an Italian restaurant with revisited Sicilian cuisine and quality ingredients. The best are the Pucce (a kind of panini sandwich), my favorite is the NAP (Food porn) with tasty Naples-style meatballs inside. The place is intimate (small and cozy) and inspired, needless to say by a cargo airport.

Lasan Restaurant, Kreuzberg

Let's move to Kreuzberg, the most central and hipster district. Here I recommend a Kurdish-Iraqi place called, Lasan Restaurant (Kreuzberg, Adalbertstraße 96): cheap, with delicious bread and free tea. The plate of dips is highly recommended -- it is listed on the menu as Kuba Teller Sawar mit verschiedenen Pasten, for example. Keep in mind that in this area you can sometimes find demonstrations going on in the street ahead. If dinner extends until late there is also a gay bar on the side of the restaurant, Möbel Olfe.

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OISHINBO Restaurant & Bar, Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg or Pberg it is the district famous for walking mothers with strollers (as it is more residential) but it is also very popular for its bio shops and many restaurants. Here I recommend OISHINBO Restaurant & Bar (Lychener Str. 46) A typical Japanese restaurant that instantly catapults you into a trendy Tokyo fancy neighborhood thanks to the rabbit-shaped lamps on the tables.

Kartoffelhaus, Mitte

In the Mitte district, what is the real center of Berlin (if Berlin had a center) and more touristic, obviously you should be a little careful to not end up in a place that is not worth the money you pay. I can recommend the Kartoffelhaus right next to Alexanderplatz at the Marienkirche. Here you can order a Berlin version of the pork knuckle, very different from those I have tried in other German cities. Strictly recommended for non-vegans/vegetarians.

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Bonus: Nusantara, Moabit

Lastly, I recommend a restaurant in Moabit. I must say that you won't go to this neighborhood if you don't have a particular reason but here there is the central station and a very nice Indonesian spa called Vabali also outdoors. Coincidencially also the restaurant i recommend is Indonesian, called Nusantara. They have a big variety of Indonesian food and bubble teas. The best dish is the the Longtong, it is made with rice, meatballs and vegetables wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.

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Obviously there are other districts and restaurants to discover in Berlin that i look forward to talking about so stay tuned and in the meantime...coming soon: The Best places to eat in Cologne.

Tip: If you are planning to go out for a meal in Germany: Bring cash with you! I still haven't figured out why but in this country and especially in Berlin in many restaurants you only pay cash. If you want to know more, check this article.