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Pokémon x Kogei Exhibition in Kanazawa

Pokémon x Kogei Exhibition in Kanazawa

During our trip to Kanazawa (in the week when we were non-stop travelling through Japan with the Japan Rail Pass), Ryan and I had planned to visit the very hard to reach Shirakawa-Go, a village known for its traditional huts located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture. However, we were disappointed to find out that all the bus seats for the same day were already booked.

Fortunately, we found Kanazawa to be a fascinating city with plenty to explore. As luck would have it, I discovered an exhibition called Pokémon x Kogei - Playful Encounters of Pokémon and Japanese Craft at the National Craft Museum the day before. With the weather being grey, it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time indoors and check out the exhibition.


Experience the Stunning Artistry of Japan's Kogei Artisans with the Pokémon x Kogei Exhibition: From Ceramic Plates to Interactive Installations, Get Up Close and Personal with Your Favorite Pokémon in Kanazawa!

The exhibition features a wide variety of artworks created by Japanese craftsmen and artists, all inspired by the Pokémon universe. From ceramic plates featuring Pikachu and other popular Pokémon to woodblock prints depicting Pokémon battles, the artworks on display showcase the incredible skill and creativity of Japan's kogei artisans. Visitors to the exhibition can also enjoy interactive installations that let them get up close and personal with their favorite Pokémon. For example, there's a room filled with hanging sewed Pikachus that visitors can walk in and take photos of.

flareon kogei jolteon kogei

I was completely blown away by the Pokemon x Kogei exhibition. As a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise, I was ecstatic to see such a unique take on the series. Everything from the intricate details on each piece of art to the vibrant colors used throughout the exhibit was absolutely stunning. Among my favorite pieces were the incredibly realistic Pokemon in the first room, as well as the beautifully decorated vases. One vase, in particular, caught my eye as it featured representations of all the Pokemon in the Pokedex.

pokedex vase pokemon kogei museum

As someone who also visited the Tokyo National Museum a few days later, I found myself drawing connections between the historical pieces on display there and the artwork I saw at the Pokemon Kogei exhibition. It was fascinating to see how traditional techniques (gor example, lacquered) were incorporated into modern art forms, and it made me appreciate Japanese art even more. Overall, the entire experience was simply unforgettable.

moltres lacquered kimono pokemon mareep

Unleashing Creative Inspiration: A Review of the Pokemon x Kogei Exhibition

The Pokemon x Kogei exhibition was an amazing experience that left us feeling inspired and creatively energized. It was a wonderful reminder of the beauty and artistry that can be found in unexpected places. We were both inspired to start painting and creating art again, and we hope to find more time to pursue our creative passions soon.

While the exhibition was not very large, it was definitely worth the visit. It took us around an hour to see everything, but every moment was truly unforgettable. If you happen to be in the area through June 11th, or are interested in similar exhibits, I highly recommend checking it out. You won't be disappointed!

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